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"With RightNow Media’s library of over 20,000 videos, there was something for every need."

First Baptist Church Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia serves a congregation of just over one thousand people. FBC Alexandria subscribed to RightNow Media in 2012 in an effort to move away from DVD dependence for small groups and Bible studies, and Preschool Director Teri Stewart continues to use it today as a resource for her teachers and volunteers.

"In the search for a solution that would give individuals and groups in the church flexibility, RightNow Media has been the perfect fit. With RightNow Media’s library of over 20,000 videos, there was something for every need."
“We use RightNow Media as spiritual preparation for teachers before the start of the school year, counseling and guidance for parents, youth ministry group study and services, and Sunday sermon illustrations and clips.”

Since switching to RightNow Media, First Baptist Church Alexandria has been able to:

  • Move away from DVD dependence.
  • Provide their members with a wide variety of resources for individuals and groups.
  • Implement Bible-based studies for individuals.
  • Expand curriculum and weekly lesson options.
“As a Bible Fellowship teacher for ninth and tenth grade girls, I use RightNow Media a lot as I prepare my weekly lessons to gain knowledge for myself, expand my lessons, and add interest to the curriculum we presently use.”

They’ve also enjoyed having a resource that provides personal care resources to the church’s members for various life stages.

“Because of my position as Director and my life stage as an almost empty nester, women will often come to me for advice on parenting, marriage, and a variety of other issues. I will often point them towards a study on RightNow Media that speaks to the situation they are in.”

-Teri Stewart, Preschool Director

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