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"RightNow Media contents come with both videos and study hand-out which has been useful in the edification of our people in the church. The combination of Video and discussion method has kept the interest level high. It has been a convenient source of study for the lay people and as well as the youth to grow deeper in God’s word."

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John Simon has been the senior pastor of Emmanuel Methodist Church since 2011. This is one of the oldest churches in the city of Chennai, India with solid infrastructure of faith, evangelism and witnessing. The church serves over seven hundred people and has a rich lineage of Pastors who imbibe valuable unadulterated teachings with utmost sincerity.

”We are a church that seeks to build the Kingdom of God by being, a worshipping community that is rooted in Christ and centred on the Word, a welcoming community that cares and shares, a witnessing community that uses its gifts and talents to impact multiple spheres of life and compassionately reaching out to the world for the glory of God.

”We have been searching for solid word centered teachings and bible study materials which could be used by lay persons and young people to use in youth fellowships and cell groups, we have found this amazing RightNow Media’s content both videos and the study hand out to be useful in the edification of our people in God’s word. The combination of Video and discussion method has kept the interest level high.

”We have launched RightNow Media in March 2019 and it has been a convenient source of study for the lay people who are leading the cell groups. The ease with which we are able to adapt it to our cell groups has been good.

”It’s not only a blessing to our lay people, our youth fellowship also has found this to be a good source to use for their study.

”One of our youth group leaders named Deepa says, ‘Right now media has been such a rich source of compelling and convicting biblical content. To have access to some of the best material not only for ourselves but also for our children has truly been a rich privilege and a luxury!

"‘As part of our church scope group, one of the Bible study materials that we followed was that of Chip Ingram's journey through the Book of Titus. Each and every single meet was filled with deep insight through Chip's teaching and the questions for reflection and discussion were not only thought-provoking but also deeply convicting.

”‘As part of the Home builders fellowship of our church, we followed Max Lucado's "Max on Life". This series was very helpful in enabling each member (couples) of our group to reflect and effectively deal with the various baggage of hurt, unforgiveness and guilt that was carried over the years. There was a certain kind of a liberating experience that we as a group had felt. The topics on marriage and parenting too were especially impactful in our group consisting of married couples.

”‘My husband and I also used this series "Max on Life" with our home group for young people and we found it to be very encouraging to hear each of them open up and share of the battles they were experiencing. This series gave us an opportunity to help our young people work towards victory through Christ over these struggles of hurt, guilt and unforgiveness.‘

”I have also found RightNow media to be a good source for my personal study because I have found material of my interest also. The treasured teachings in this RightNow Media tool would equip us indeed to be living examples and a shining beacon in this darkened world.”


Rev. John Simeon

Senior Pastor – Emmanuel Methodist Church

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