Church Story

"A great fit to resource our small groups."

River’s Edge Church in Iowa Falls, Iowa serves almost two hundred people in their congregation. Lead Pastor Mike Mentzer launched RightNow Media in 2018 to save money and expand their small group curriculum.

Before RightNow Media, River’s Edge was purchasing many different studies for their small groups, but ran into issues of cost, ease of access, and diversity of topics.

“Before using RightNow Media, we were spending more money than we liked on purchasing a lot of different small group curriculums. We chose RightNow media because it seemed to be a great fit to resource our small groups.”

With RightNow Media, River’s Edge has been able to:

  • Save money on the cost of small group curriculum.
  • Equip individuals and groups with relevant studies and teaching.
  • Connect their people with easily accessible content.
  • Gift young families with safe and biblical children’s content.
“The largest surprise to us after getting signed up was how much content is available for children! We have many young families and it has been a blessing for them to have safe and biblical content for their children to watch.”

The breadth of content available was also an important factor to River’s Edge Church in choosing small group curriculum.

“RightNow Media has so many great studies on a very wide range of topics—parenting, marriage, Bible study, etc. It has worked very well as that go-to resource for our small groups.”
-Mike Mentzer, Lead Pastor

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