RightNow Media Provides Discipleship Platform for Witness Church

“If you are looking for a discipleship platform to engage your people at the church, RightNow Media is the best choice for your ministry. RightNow Media has blessed us so much during this pandemic as we could constantly engage our people in devotions and highly resourceful bible studies at home.”

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Witness Christ church is a family of families from diverse backgrounds meeting together as a church in the city of Chennai, India. We make sure that we are serious about the study of God’s Word and its impact in our lives today in an environment of Christian love and fellowship.

Mutual respect and companionship is widely followed. Besides the local Tamil people, we do have migrant population from other neighbouring states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Ours is a newly planted church, we were desperately looking out for a discipleship platform to strengthen and engage our people daily with God and his mission.When I heard about RightNow Media initially, I hesitated as the most of the resource people are from western country, but when I went through some of the contents, I was blown away.  

This platform provides highly resourceful biblical content for our families, teens, youth, working professionals and children and we were thrilled to see thousands of discipleship contents for all age groups. This can be used by people from any country as bible studies are simple with profound teaching.

RightNowMedia has blessed us so much during this pandemic as we could do many bible studies together virtually. We have covered many teaching sessions by BruceWilkinson, J.D. Greear, Francis Chan, Max Lucado and Chip Ingram.

It's an amazing tool for our congregation. We just love the handout they offer. Some of us use it almost every day for our own private Bible study. The videos are exceptionally done and give us clear biblical perspectives on subjects being studied.

 I heartily recommend this tool for every church. Over these last months, we could also see an increased growth in their relationship with God  and ministry engagement. If any church is looking out for online Bible Study tool, RightNow Media could the best tool available.



Pastor- Witness Christ Church

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