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Easy access to biblical video content for the entire church.

Boulder Valley Christian Church in Boulder, Colorado serves over two hundred people in their congregation. Children’s Leader Ashley Oliver launched RightNow Media in January 2019 to provide easy access to biblical video content for their entire church.

Boulder Valley was searching for a platform that allowed them to upload their own content and grow the discipleship of their church. Through RightNow Media’s custom training post feature, they were able to easily upload sermons and small group series personalized for their church.  

“We use RightNow Media as a training tool for our volunteers and leaders, as well as for our Life Groups. We are also able to upload and access our own written devotionals. It was just what we were looking for!”

Since switching to RightNow Media, Boulder Valley Christian Church has been able to:

  • Provide their members with high-quality discipleship materials.
  • Upload their own written and video content through the customizable training library.
  • Streamline training for volunteers and leaders.
  • Offer safe entertainment and discipleship content for children.
“It’s a safe option for kids if they want to watch a quick show, plus it gives families a lot to talk about together. There is something for everyone, including leaders, volunteers, adults, and children.”

Ashley reflected on her own experience with RightNow Media and how the platform has been received since implementing RightNow Media at Boulder Valley Christian Church.

“I’d used RightNow Media in a small group I had been involved in and loved the content that was available. [RightNow Media] partners with a lot of my favorite authors, as well as pastors. Since providing access for our church, everyone who has used RightNow Media has loved the content provided.”
-Ashley Oliver, Children’s Leader

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